Trouble Shooting an Air Conditioner

Ten to twenty years (10-20), that’s the number of years that most modern ACs are designed to last for reliable use. Yes! They may, however, develop a problem within that time or before that time’s up. You should regularly have your AC undergo maintenance. It’s about the best way to prevent Ac problems. This maintenance can be carried out by you if you can but you should hand it over to a professional if you can’t. What you spend on it now may save you large amounts on repair bills in the future.

Below are some of the most common AC problems. You may find your AC’s problem listed here too. Check it to know how best you can troubleshoot your AC’s problems. Also note whether your unit has totally shut down or just a part isn’t working fine.

One final word before the list – be sure to cut off power to your unit before any form of inspection, especially wiring related inspections, please!

  • My rooms aren’t evenly cooled by my AC unit: check the distribution channels for your unit. Ensure the fan on your unit kicks air into your duct system or room.
  • The AC doesn’t cool, though it turns on: in this case, check the thermostat to ensure it’s set to the correct temperature. Then check the evaporator and condenser for clogging and dirt. If there are dirt build ups, the unit may likely not come on.
  • My AC’s condenser unit repeatedly turns on and off: this is a very frustrating thing but in general, either a clogged condenser or a dirty condenser and fan are the cause of this.
  • The condenser unit doest turn on: the unit may not be receiving power or you may have a faulty motor. Whatever the case, you’ll have to ensure the unit is plugged, or inspect the wiring to ensure it’s okay.

In summer and warm spring months, it is especially critical to have your air conditioner problems fixed. We, at, focus on providing for the needs of both commercial and residential customers in the entire Phoenix area. If your air conditioner has any issues or you intend getting a new HVAC system installed, we’ll be delighted to help you. Our top priority is to ensure your comfort. Please give us a call at 602-790-5486.

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