Why Your Air Conditioning System Won’t Turn Off

If your air conditioning unit constantly keeps running, it’s usually an indication that it is already having some problems. Given below are some explanations to what may be wrong with your air conditioning unit that makes it run always but you should free to call our Phoenix air conditioning repair technicians at Comfort Flow Heating.

Phoenix Air Conditioning Issues: AC Runs Constantly

Your AC may be running constantly if,

  • Your air conditioner is too small for your home: if this is the case with your AC, it may constantly run so as to circulate enough air to cool your home.
  • Thermostats are faulty: these are some of the most powerful and important components of your AC unit and if faulty, they are likely not going to shut down your AC unit when the temperatures inside have gotten to the expected levels.
  • The condenser coils are dirty: these coils located in the condensing unit of your AC are responsible for getting rid of the heat in your home. If they are very dirty, your AC’s ability to expel heat will be restricted so your AC will constantly run just to achieve this goal, unsuccessfully.
  • The Thermistor is faulty: the thermistor detects the temperature of your home and communicates it to your AC. When faulty, it will not tell your AC unit to turn off when necessary.
  • Defective control board: there’s a control board in our air conditioning unit that gives power to the fan motors and compressor. If it is defective, your system will run all the time.

Please don’t hesitate to call the Phoenix air conditioning repair professionals at PHXRefrigeratorRepair.com if your air conditioning unit is not turning off.



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