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We are a Family Owned Local Business

Serving the Valley Since 1961

Did you know that a lot of these websites are just Lead-Generators? If you’ve ever filled out an online form for a mortgage or insurance quote, then you know what I mean. This site is owned and operated from right here in the Valley. When you schedule a repair online, you can rest assured that your information will never be sold or shared with the masses.

3 Hr Service Window

Ever have to wait for the cable guy? We have. And the last time I did, they called me at hour number 7 to tell me that something came up and they can’t make it.

That will never happen here. We respect you and value your time. Our guys will call the day of to schedule your repair, and when they do, they’ll give you a 3 hour window so you can enjoy the rest of your day.

24 hr Same-Day Emergency Service for Commercial AND Residential Repairs

Some repairs just can’t wait (especially when it comes to refrigeration in Phoenix.) For this reason we have extra technicians, and extra fully-stocked-service vehicles. And that phone number you see up there is a cell phone number. That phone is on and with us at all times. The only time you might get voice mail is when we’re on the other line. If you leave us a message, we’ll call you back within minutes, and we’ll be in your home or business within hours.

FREE Service Call With All Completed Repairs

“Service Call” is the trip charge, or diagnoses fee that a company charges to come out and look at your equipment. With other companies, this charge is in addition to parts and labor fees. Not with us! If we come out and you decide to have the repair completed, we will wave this fee.

While We Do Specialize in Refrigeration, It’s Not All We Do

We can fix all types of Commercial Kitchen Equipment/Bar and Restaurant Equipment. Our technicians are trained and equipped to repair all types of commercial cooking equipment too. Ranges, Ovens, 6 Burners, Fryers and Range Hoods to name a few. Oh, and commercial dishwashers, we can fix those as well.

Thank You

For stopping by! If we can help you in anyway, please don’t hesitate to call us on our cell (7 days a week) at:

(602) 790-5486


Handy man services. Not a licensed "contractor."